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WestFall has always fallen on hard times. Even more so recently, a new Marshall has been installed by StormWind and new efforts have been made to Claim the land. But a sickness plagues the land, one that the local priests are unable to stop. The New Marshall cares little for the sickly citizens from the land, riots at Sentinel hill happen almost weekly, farmers go missing , and something stirs in the night sky. 

The New Marshall  Willard Massey , has called for the Argent Crusade to dispatch a team to investigate the sickness, though only after coming under huge pressure from his advisors.  After a few weeks a team of priests and Paladins from the Crusade arrived and took up residence at an old farm, they began to investigate the country side, treat the sick and attempted to find out what started this whole thing . 

It all seemed to be going well, until the daily messages sent by couriers back to the crusade stopped . A week passed and nothing. Anther team was dispatched, but they were not heard from again. 

After a month with out contact, a single letter arrived drawn on it was a marionette , a puppet. Written in dried blood on the back, " Let the game Begin " .

Two Days later on the Edge of the Elwynn forest, Sergeant Han's Banfall , one of the scouts sent with the second Team was found hanging from a tree, his bones broken, mouth sown shut. his limbs had been attached to wires, and he dangled from a tree. Han's was still alive, unable to move unable to scream in pain, let to dance like a puppet.

Home Page

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